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Sheet Sets & Bedskirts

Choosing the right bed sheets can make all the difference in your sleep quality and the look of your bedroom. Our range of bed sheet sets combines attractive designs with high-end materials to help lull you into a restful sleep, while perfectly complementing your bedroom's decor.

What's in a Bed Sheets Set? 

Our sheet sets include a flat top sheet, a fitted bottom sheet and pillowcases to create a soothing sleep setting. Twin sheet sets come with a single standard pillowcase, while full and queen bed sheet sets come with two standard size pillowcases. A king sheet set comes with two longer pillowcases to fit standard king-size pillows. 

Sheet Set Sizes 

Matching the sheet set to your bed size is essential for a comfortable night's sleep. Too large, and the loose sheets will wrinkle and tangle as you shift positions. Too tight, and they'll make every sheet change a battle against the mattress. To perfectly fit your bed, our sheet sets come in four standard sizes: 

  • Twin sheet sets measuring 35 by 75 inches. 
  • Full size sheet sets measuring 54 by 75 inches. 
  • Queen sheet sets measuring 60 by 80 inches. 
  • King size sheet sets measuring 76 by 80 inches. 

Keep an eye out for select sheet sets that offer a twin XL size option, too. A common size for dorm room mattresses, these make the perfect sheets for college students. 

Sheet Designs 

The trio of sheets, pillows and comforters form some of the most prominent decor items in a bedroom, so it's important to choose the design with care. Our range includes solid, striped and subtly patterned bed sheet sets to easily integrate into your existing decor theme, as well as more assertive designs like bold plaid and motif prints that can make a statement in their own right. If you like variety, try swapping out two or more different sets to mix up your style from week to week.

Pair your bed sheets with duvet sets or quilts to layer different textures and patterns, then top off your bedding with coordinating throw pillows for a finishing touch.

Quality Materials for Long-Lasting Comfort 

Our cotton sheet sets offer a winning combination of comfort and durability. Soft and gentle to lie on, but with the strength to handle repeated washing, they'll last for years to come. For a warmer sleep, our polyester and flannel sheets offer plush comfort to keep you snug through colder seasons.

Enhance your sleep and decor alike with bed sheet sets from Nautica. Choose the right size, color, material and design for your bedroom and enjoy drifting off to sleep in comfort every night.